The overarching mission of VFC Liverpool is to see “heaven invade earth”. We exist to see our communities, city, nation, and the whole earth transformed to look like heaven, through the presence, power and message of the gospel, and as laid out by Jesus in the gospels through the Great Commission.

VFC Liverpool is the local expression of the national and global VFC movement. We long to see an apostolic, city-wide community of believers. We exist to enable individuals to encounter the presence of God and belong to a local church family, provide an environment where they can be discipled and equipped, fully activated in their God given purpose, and be sent out to influence their world for His kingdom.


If you are a part of a local body of believers, it is probably due to an encounter with the presence of God. We need to continue to provide an environment where we facilitate people doing this. There is something different we get from corporate gatherings to personal devotion.


As individuals we don’t have it all, we need each other. In community we are refined, discipled, we develop healthy relationships and we are able to thrive. We all have different qualities that we bring to the community. In finding OUR people we realise our destinies.


It is important for the body to realise we are all sent. We are all sent and empowered to participate in seeing His Kingdom come; whoever we are, whatever we do, wherever we go.

When we have a sense that we are sent and have purpose it effects the way the body is equipped – always having that outcome in mind. Having this mindset is a very simple way to describe what it means to be apostolic. (The word “apostle” means “sent one”)

The gifts listed in Ephesians 4:11 are given to the church for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry. It looks like this:

The pastor should equip the saints to be pastoral.

The evangelist should equip the saints to be evangelistic.

The prophet should equip the saints to be prophetic.

The teacher should equip the saints to be grounded in the scriptures.

The apostle should equip the saints to be apostolic.

The gifts of the Spirit are for everyone, we are all to operate in them and we are all to desire to grow in them.


The values of VFC Liverpool have been underpinned by the 4 pillars of the church, which are Prayer, Bible Study, Community and Mission.



We believe the presence of God is real and tangible, made available for us to experience daily.  In doing so we encounter the power and personhood of Jesus. It is this presence that transforms the individual and our communities.


We want to create a culture of thankfulness. God is always good. The testimonies of God are celebrated.


Focused on raising up spiritual giants rather than focusing on making the congregation bigger.  Big people rather than big church. We desire to see disciples who are living fully activated in their God-given purpose, influencing their world for His kingdom.


Being generous in all aspects of life – our time, resources, and our gifting, as well as finances.


The prophetic words of God are honoured, weighed-up with scripture, nurtured and obeyed.


Intimacy with/Devotion to God is key to everything we do. Prioritising prayer, praise and worship and bible study, both privately and corporately.


Honouring people as individuals, as well as what they bring. Seeing people through God’s perspective.  Family first – not position.


Nothing is impossible with God. People are encouraged to take risk, step out in faith and also given a safe environment to fail occasionally.


All generations are important – old to young. Everyone should be equipped and encouraged to do what God has called them to do, no exclusions.


The leaders are the seedbed not the ceiling. Taking a much more facilitating role rather than a dictatorial/top-down approach. Not starting lots of church-centred/based ministries, but rather supporting individuals as and when they feel called. Equipping with sending in mind.