Are you ready?
22nd September 2019

Are you ready?

Passage: Judges 13: 1-13
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Prophetic word given to VFC Liverpool

My church, it is time to grow up. You have been taught well and you know my ways.
It is time to put away childish behaviours, stop arguing, taking offence, gossiping and complaining that life is unfair. These are the things that should be set aside as you become more mature in Christ. They are the root cause of disunity. Instead, champion each other and celebrate success.
My church, you should ready yourselves for the wedding when the church will be presented to Christ as his bride.
The bride should be clothed in purity and love and be one body. This is the bride my son deserves. The bride cannot be presented as a bag of body parts.
Timing is crucial. I am asking you now to partner with me, to ensure my Son has a beautiful bride. Now is the time to start preparing yourself for the wedding.
To be a bride means you have reached a point where childish and adolescent behaviours are left behind.
In unity you will bring the kingdom of heaven to earth. You will take ground from the enemy. You will mend broken families, see addiction and depression squashed. Rich blessings from heaven will shower down on the church and settle on the pure garments of righteousness like diamonds and precious stones.

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