Video Recording Guide

This page will guide you through how to record a video for VFC Liverpool and how to upload it to us for use on the webpage and YouTube channel.

Recording the Video

Camera Orientation

With a phone it is tempting to film in PORTRAIT, resist this urge and always film in LANDSCAPE, as illustrated below.

How to film with your phone

Camera Position

Make sure the camera is level with your face, you do not want to be looking up or down at the camera. The audience do not want to see up your nose! Use anything to elevate the camera, books for example.

Make sure the camera is stable, you will make your audience ill if you move the camera around as you speak. The perfect way to solve these issues is with a stand, stands can be used with Phones, Webcams and proper Cameras.

Face Framing & The Rule of Thirds

Framing is vital to making the video look good. Using the Rule of Thirds is a good way of knowing where to place your face within the image. Below are some examples, but if you would like to learn more, Click Here.


You don’t need a proper lighting setup, just ensure your room is well lit, otherwise the image will be dull and grainy. Use natural light as much as you can.

Things to not do:

  • Do not rely on your room light to be enough, it won’t be.
  • Do not film with a bright window behind you, it will hide much of the detail in your face.
No bright lights behind you