God designed people for community. He never intended us to do life alone. Even Jesus didn’t do it alone. He created a gathering of twelve disciples. Each of us has a desire to belong somewhere.

A sense of family and community adds significance and meaning to our lives, especially in our fast paced urban environment.

At Victory we understand that the Sunday worship service is an uplifting experience, a great time to celebrate God, and an important part of our spiritual growth. However a Sunday service can not fully provide the opportunity to deepen our relationships with others like the Connect Groups can.

How do I attend a Connect Group?

We currently have four connect groups set up in and around Liverpool at various times of the week.

Wigan at 8pm

Wavertree at 7:30pm

Norris Green at 1pm

Please send us an enquiry if you are interested in one of these Connect Groups and we will get back to you with details.